Just My Maligator and Me – How We Came To Be

I guess I should begin by sharing how exactly I ended up a newby Malinois owner a little over a year ago…

Brody – AKC registered name “Brodimus Maximus” (my husband picked it, not me) – is a purebred Belgian Malinois born in March of 2016. He came into my life in June of that same year.

I wasn’t looking for a dog at the time at all – Brody just kind of landed in my lap. He was part of an accidental litter born to working parents (it should be noted that if you have intact dogs and teenage kids, those kids may not be the best pet-sitters when your intact female goes into heat – just sayin’.).

Not knowing anything at all about Malinois, I did what any sane person in 2016 would do, and took to the internet. There are a lot of great articles and videos out there (and I hope to contribute some of my own) about owning this crazy breed – mostly attempting to discourage the sane humans of this world from ruining their lives with an unsuitable pet.

And while I wasn’t discouraged (clearly), I did become aware of exactly what I was getting myself into. I decided that, should I bring this puppy into my life, I would have to step it up as a dog owner, and become a “dog person”.

I’ve had animals, dogs included, all my life, but I hadn’t yet taken the plunge into full on “dog lady” as I seem to have now. But – the internet had made it clear to me that owning a Malinois was a whole new level of dog ownership – one that I had to be sure I could commit to before I brought the puppy home.

After much discussion with my husband, we did agree, in the end, to bring Brody home – and the rest is history! I can honestly say it has been the best crazy decision of my life, though it is far beyond simple “pet ownership”.

Brody at 12 weeks old

Brody at 12 weeks old, the day we brought him home

We work with a fabulous trainer several times a week and compete in a variety of sports, though our primary focus is IPO/Schutzhund.  Brody holds several titles already, and we hope to add many more over the coming years!

I hope to use this blog to share all of the challenges and successes that we experience, in the hopes that maybe I can help someone else on their Maligator journey!


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