Weekly Recap – White Girls Can’t Throw

Happy Sunday, y’all!

I know I haven’t been the greatest with the training updates, so I’m planning to make this a weekly feature to hopefully get a little better about it.

This week was a little hectic.

Club training yesterday was absolutely inundated with newbies. That’s cool and all, but holy hell y’all, they obviously aren’t readers of my blog, because they were NOT very good guests. Also, I had to listen to “Tales from the Dog Park” for like an hour. I still have a headache from it.

We got quite a bit done with Brody, though, including some work on some secondary obedience and the IPO1 obedience routine.

I started retrieves with Brody this past summer, and he’s pretty solid on them. It’s funny, because he isn’t at all chewy on the dumbbell I have at home, but he HATES the dumbbell at club. They’re different shapes, and this one is apparently super bothersome to him.

So, we’re working on holding the dumbbell quietly, regardless of shape, and on being less of a crackhead about it. Additionally, I obviously need to work on my dumbbell throws…watch with sound on for the miss-throw commentary.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a video of our secondary obedience work, but I’ll work on getting one for next week’s recap.

In November, we started working on adding some control/obedience to Brody’s protection work. Things got…ugly…for a minute. Any frustration or aversives cause him to tip into being unclear and frantic, so we had to find a work around.

Enter: the lowly tennis ball.

Brody is absolutely crazy for tennis balls.

So we’ve been using a tennis ball to help him switch between guarding and heeling in the blind, and so far, it’s working beautifully. He works on the dead ring of his fursaver and hasn’t shown any frustration or lack of clarity at all. Additionally, he hasn’t really lost any power in his protection work, either, which is awesome, because it’s something I was somewhat concerned about.

All of this is in preparation for trial season, which is coming up super fast.

Crazy, because it felt so far away a month ago.

I’m looking at a Rally trial at the end of next month to knock out our Rally Excellent title, and then maybe an attempt at a UPR (Obedience only) title at an IPO trial the following weekend. I’m itching to try for our IPO1, but realistically, we’re looking at a Fall trial for that one, much as I wish it was otherwise.

Regardless, it’s going to be a crazy ride!

I’d love to hear what y’all are working on, so please feel free to share in the comments!


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