Weekly Training Recap

Happy Sunday, everyone!

This week has been a busy one for Brody and I.

We started with a semi-private lesson on Wednesday morning, followed by a group obedience class Wednesday evening, a private lesson Friday morning, and a truly crazy club day yesterday (Saturday).

It was a lot, but it was great to get Brody out and about and definitely helped keep me motivated throughout the week.

Most of the training sessions were pretty similar. We’re still working on a calm hold on that dumbbell that he isn’t a fan of (he calmly holds the other one, but who knows what we’ll encounter at a trial), as well as the send-out, and his secondary obedience issues.

I’m still hoping/planning to trial for a UPR1 (Obedience only title) in March, and our IPO1 in the Fall sometime. In my dreams, we trial for our IPO1 in March, but I have a tendency to want to trial right at the bleeding edge of our competency level, which is not ever a good plan with dogs or horses. So. UPR1 in March for some trial experience and IPO1 in the Fall.

Below is a video of our work on Brody’s secondary obedience. He is on a deadlink of his fursaver and I’m rewarding with a tennis ball kept under my arm. You can see he loses control of his impulses in a couple of places, but overall this is a much better and happier picture than it was even a month ago. He recovered well from any lapses in control and remained clear headed throughout, so I’m very happy with his progress on that front.

Saturday brought club training and also, utter chaos. Our Training Director’s bitch went into labor about 15 minutes into training, so our TD had to duck out to supervise that. I was left in charge for the most part, and let me tell you, I have no business being in charge of anything.

Fortunately, nothing went sideways too badly, and everyone I think still accomplished their training goals for the day.

I started out the day wearing a lovely, clean light grey sweatshirt that I just got from Leerburg. By the end of the day, it was streaked with mud and blood (my blood – I got my fingers between a certain dog and his favorite ball), which I suppose means that it was a good training day.

Chaos followed me home (or partway home, at least), however, because my truck stalled out without warning. This is the second time in two months that it has stranded me, so I’m guessing it’s time to go car shopping (assuming I don’t end up spending all of my money fixing my POS truck).

I had to call for a tow (and of course, all the diesel mechanics are closed for the weekends), and call for a rescue for myself and my malinois. I forgot to tell my husband to grab our second crate for the dog, who, while riding loose in the back of the car got car sick and vomited. What a mess. And what a crappy end to a long and tiring day.

It wasn’t my favorite day, but in the end, the dogs got worked, the sunset was gorgeous, and 13 new puppies came into the world, so it wasn’t all bad.

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