Weekly Recap – Over the Mountains and Through the Woods

I’m VERY late with last week’s recap – sorry! It was a long training weekend followed by a training day yesterday as well, so I’m just now getting caught up on all that other adulting stuff I’m supposed to do…

In any case!

We trained a lot last week. A LOT.

Monday – obedience and social walk around town.

Tuesday – Met up with my training buddies for yet more obedience.

Wednesday – Tracking.

Thursday – One of only two days all week that we didn’t meet anyone for formal training.

Friday – Was supposed to go to a group lesson, but I was coming down with something, so we stayed home and Brody worked on the treadmill instead.

Saturday – We were supposed to go to a Keg Pull (which is exactly what it sounds like) in town for fun, but I was planning on using Brody’s old agitation harness for it and that turned out to be a BAD PLAN. He’s pretty equipment oriented and I can just see him bouncing and snapping and barking and yipping and just generally being an out-of-control nutcase at a very, very public event. We opted to go to club training instead.

Sunday – 4am wake-up call to meet up with a couple of club members and head over the mountains to train with a neighboring club.


This week we’ve really been pushing Brody in his tracking and his secondary obedience. I’ve pulled food completely off the track and started adding in articles and much hilarity has ensued.

By Sunday, he was actually tracking better on no food than he ever had with food on the track, so that was fun.

However, the field we were tracking on, while absolutely gorgeous, was also pretty wet in places. Brody, it turns out, is a princess about laying down in puddles to indicate on articles. So, instead, he opted to pick them up and fling them at me…we may not be ready to track at a trial next month…

We’ve also continued our push for secondary obedience for Brody. If you’ve been following along, this has been a big obstacle for Brody and myself for the last several months.

One of the big reasons I wanted to head over the mountains to train with another club is that one of the helpers at that club was the helper that first diagnosed where our control issues were coming from in protection and set us on the path to fixing it. So I was excited to check in with him regarding our progress and also to test Brody a bit, since we don’t actually have a helper of our own.

I assumed, going in, that we wouldn’t have nearly as much control as we do at home. New field, helper, agitation…all a recipe for bringing Brody’s drive through the roof. And I was correct, of course. Brody did struggle, some. However, he was probably a million times better than he had been the last time that helper had seen him. We were able to do some heeling, reward him to me a couple of times, before sending him for some bites.

Brody was thrilled, because he got to hear the whip and run and bite and do all of the best parts of protection, which he doesn’t see very often.

We still have a long way to go before he’ll be trial ready, but I think we’re definitely on the right track.

brody run


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