Weekly Recap – Changes Afoot

Training for the ever-less-likely looking goal of competing at AWDF continued last week.

Brody’s tracking is coming along well, though we’ve had to have some words about it on occasion.

His thought process while tracking goes something like:

“Sook, sook, sook,…I’m sooking…sooking is fun…I like to sniff…this smells AWESOME…today is AWESOME…this field is AWESOME!”

And about then he starts to cast and sniff, tail a-wag, until I remind him (sometimes less than nicely), that “Sook means SOOK!”

Ah, well. He’s trying.

On Sunday we went over the mountains again to train, where it’s been raining for, oh, I don’t know, a few decades, maybe?

tracking eugene

Point being, the fields were all under water.

And Brody is not a fan of lying down in water.

Asked him to “platz” at the beginning of the track, got a “bow” instead.

When it came to articles, he would pause, look at the article, look back at me, look at the article, look back at me, maybe paw at the article…pretty much everything but indicate correctly.

But at least he’s finding the articles, right?

I’m making it sound worse than it is. His tracking is honestly going well.

Obedience is going well as well. Send out is coming right along, which is nice to see, as we’ve been working at it for a while now.

We also had a bit of a breakthrough in our secondary obedience during protection. We might actually be getting somewhere.


The heeling still isn’t gorgeous (or all that focused), but it is heeling and he is paying attention to where he should be.

Outs are clean, if a little angry.

It’s coming together. Not quickly. Probably not quickly enough for AWDF, but I’ll make that call in a week or two.

Part of me wants to keep pushing, part of me is ready to call it a day and ease off the gas a little. If AWDF is out of the question, we won’t trial until late Fall most likely, and there are life changes afoot that may change my plans for the rest of the year.

I currently reside in the Pacific Northwest, but I haven’t always lived here. In the last 15 years of my life I’ve lived in Alaska, Kansas, the Netherlands, New Mexico, and now Oregon. I like Oregon, but it’s looking less and less like it’s going to stick, as I’ve received a couple of tempting job offers in other states.

A week ago, I wasn’t thinking about anything but AWDF, but if I’ve learned anything thus far, it’s that the world moves fast.

Anybody know of any good clubs in Colorado or Missouri?



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