Sunday Internet Regrets

So this morning, I was browsing Reddit (I know, for my own sanity, I should really stop), and I came across this:

“It’s fine to crate a puppy for 20 hours a day. They’re den animals.”

And I just…


Which reminded me of the time that I joined a bunch of Malinois dedicated groups on Facebook.


I admit, I’m not the most patient of people.


But really, all it should take is a quick Google for people to see that Mals aren’t your typical pet, right???


So when people ask questions like…

“When will my Malinois stop biting?”

“When will my Malinois calm down?”

“Are Malinois good in apartments?”

I’m just…


And then I see answers like:

“You just have to be the Alpha!”

“Bite him back to assert dominance!”

“Have you tried a prong/dominant dog/e-collar on your 12 week old yet???”


Look, I love Mals. LOVE. Adore. Will never have anything but ever again.

I even have a blog dedicated to mine!

But they aren’t for everyone.

So when friends of mine see videos of Brody on my Facebook and then message me about the Mal they’re going to get because mine looks so awesome…


And then say that they want to do bite work.

Without a trainer/club/helper.

Because videos on YouTube.


And because they taught their last dog to sit that one time.

So they are dog training experts.


Actual quote from somebody -> -> -> “Yeah, I’m doing bite work with him. You know – where they guy runs at me and my dog attacks him!”


I’ve actually had to unfriend and block people over this issue.

But, every now and then, I see someone that starts out woefully unprepared…


But that has the right attitude and seeks out the right help…


And they become the best working dog owners out there and that’s when…


…putting up with all of the crazy becomes worth it.

Sort of.






One thought on “Sunday Internet Regrets

  1. Oh my gosh! Girl! LOL. I feel you on this. I am relatively new to IPO, I started training Jan. 2017 but the club I was with had a bunch of drama and the President really didn’t know what he was doing having only stepped on an IPO field to do a BH…so we didn’t start in a good place (But that’s another story for another day, lol). I have Boxers and I see this all the time in the Boxer-Breed groups. I’ve had to leave some groups, and some groups I’ve gotten kicked out of because I try to educate people about the Boxer breed, especially when they ask stupid questions they should’ve known before purchasing a Boxer. So I feel ya on this totally!

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