Weekly Recap – What I Should Be Doing v. What I’ve Actually Been Doing

Quick update after I dumped my Dogtra Arc into the trash last week… I’ve since replaced it with the Educator K9 800 Tactical. So far, I’m a big fan, particularly of the “tapping” function. It’s only been a couple of days, though, and I’ve only really used it once. It did go in the lake yesterday, though, so I’m going to find out quickly how serious they were about it being waterproof…

As for the rest of the week – we are in full AKC trial prep mode.

Or, we should be, anyway.

We’ve been running through all of the Rally signs via my Pocket Rally app. Some of the Excellent signs are breaking my brain though.

For example:


That is five – yes, FIVE – commands in ONE SIGN.

As we were working through some of these, I was thinking back wistfully to the halcyon days of Rally Novice…


We’ve also been doing a little more prep for Novice Obedience, though I’m not sure how much more prep there is to do.

The stand for exam was our biggest obstacle last year.

Well, biggest obstacle that can be worked on, anyway.

The rest will just depend on how Brody responds to the ring pressure. AKC trials are ridiculous in that aspect, particularly in comparison to IPO.

I am planning to crate Brody in the OB building, which will be a big change from how I’ve trialed with him in the past. I usually just work out of my vehicle, but I’m hoping being crated in the building will help him get over some of his excitement.

We shall see.

And while I should have been focusing all of my energy on trial prep, that hasn’t really been the case.

The vast majority of our training time this week has been spend on antler shed hunting.

It’s something I’ve been wanting to teach Brody for at least a year now, and for whatever reason, this week seemed like the week to start.

Who needs trial prep anyway?

So we’ve been working on that.

And on Sunday, club training was canceled, so we went for a hike out to a place called Blue Pool. It was only about an hour drive and about a two mile hike in to the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.



We went early enough that we had the whole trail all to ourselves, even on a gorgeous Sunday.

It combined all of Brody’s favorite things – running, leaping, climbing up rock outcroppings, and ultimately, swimming.

A good test for our new e-collar for sure.

Also, a nice break for both of us.


Only a few short days to the AKC trial. We’ll probably spend them hiking more than training. So somebody should probably keep their fingers crossed for us. 😉


2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap – What I Should Be Doing v. What I’ve Actually Been Doing

    • The full story is in last week’s recap, but essentially my Arc (~1 yo with very little use), started working only intermittently and then ultimately fried my dog out of nowhere. I’ve heard a lot of negatives about the Arc since, even from diehard Dogtra fans. I liked mine until it stopped working. 🤷🏻‍♀️


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