Weekly Recap – A Trip to the Circus

This past week, the only training we really did was on Sunday at Club.

I’ve still been battling this illness, so it was all I could really do to keep Brody exercised and happy throughout the week.

Yesterday was a really good day for us at club, however.

Tracking was really tough, once again. The field we use is used as a parking lot for an event around mid-summer, which absolutely rips it to pieces. It’s in the process of recovering, and will be back to its gorgeous, perfect-for-tracking self soon, but for now, it’s making for some tough conditions.

Brody worked really well through some big questions on his track yesterday, including tire tracks, cross tracks, and changes of terrain. It may not be his most beautiful track ever, but I was really proud of him.


Side note: if you watch my tracking videos, you’ll notice I flag my corners and articles. I know some people see this as a “no-no”, but it’s been working well for us. Before I started this practice, I pulled my dog off a number of corners because I thought he was wrong when he wasn’t. The damage I was doing by doing so far outweighs whatever damage is done by flagging my track, in my opinion.

Next up was Obedience and I paired off with another club member to run through the trial routine. This week I opted to run through the routine for the IPO2, just to switch things up a bit. This week went MUCH better than last week. It still took two commands to get the down out of the send-out (damnit), but our heeling wasn’t forgey and everything else was really, really good (if I do say so myself).

We had a potential new member/guest at club yesterday. After watching our OB routine, she referred to my dog as a “robotic circus dog” and implied that I had “robbed him of his personality” via precision obedience.


We probably aren’t going to become friends.

She did have a nice puppy, though…


Protection went really well, as well, which is a huge relief. It’s been awhile since I’ve walked away from training feeling really good about protection.

We worked on the side transport, secondary heeling, outing, call-outs, and pick-ups. All of those nit-picky control exercises that are the bane of Brody’s existence.

And he actually did really well!

He didn’t even once try to snag a grip out of the side-transport!

We kept it short, and appropriately easy, but still! Progress!

And he was even auto-outing!

Everything else was lovely. One slip-up on our first call out (my fault, I didn’t set him up for success there), but other than that…a really lovely pair of training sessions.

Seriously, what a relief!

I was half tempted to reconsider my decision to not enter Regionals next weekend. I have a tendency to want to push just a teensy bit too hard and fast.

But I will do what is best for my dog and attend only as a spectator.

Definitely looking forward to our club trial in November!

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