Weekly Recap – 9 Hours of Training, 6 Hours of Driving, and Eggo Waffles for Dinner

I’m late, as per the usual. Is it really even late if I’m always late? Anyway.

We are in full trial prep mode as we are less than a month away from attempting our IPO1. I’m still feeling pretty good about it, even though last week’s training wasn’t the best…

We’ve been tracking a lot, which has been going pretty well. Long tracks, little food, corners, articles…it’s all been fine.

In OB, I’ve been proofing the shit out of our send out. It may actually be a finished behavior by trial time! Only a year after I started teaching it…don’t judge me…

In Protection, well…I’m just going to cross my fingers and pray, honestly.

The TD and Helper for my home club were out of town last weekend, so I rounded up an invite to a neighboring club. This particular club is the largest in our region BY FAR, so I’m very grateful that they’re willing to make room for myself and Brody occasionally.

Tracking at club was kind of a trip. We caravanned out to an alfalfa field that was pretty sparse and absolutely FULL of rodent holes. Like, there was more hole than field.

Excellent proofing.

Brody struggled a bit on the track, but stayed on it and working and found the corners and articles, so I was happy with it. Wasn’t the most gorgeous track ever, but considering the conditions, I’m just glad he didn’t take off to go rodent hunting.

Obedience was great. This club runs three dogs at a time on the relatively small OB field, so there are lots of distractions. Again, excellent for proofing. Brody didn’t do his best work, but he was focused enough that I don’t anticipate any distraction issues at the trial, so that’s positive.

Finally, protection. Brody has been showing a ton of progress in protection, to the point where I’ve been joking that nobody believes how out of control he used to be. Alas, people at club on Saturday can probably believe it.

He came out leaning toward the old Brody – super stress-y and frustrated from jump.

He was, however, able to work through it and show me some really nice secondary obedience.

Our side transport was kind of a shit show, but I’m going to give him a pass on it, since he worked through his other frustrations so well.

It was a long day – 9 hours to work 30-something dogs in three phases, which is really pretty good when you think about it! This sport is nothing if it isn’t a time suck…

I have been noticing that Brody’s gums have been bleeding after protection each week. At first, I made note of it but didn’t think much of it. After this weekend, though, I decided it was time to see a vet about it, even if just for peace of mind.

It turns out that Brody has a very minor infection in his gums, likely from jute splinters working their way in. So he’s on antibiotics for 7 days and he’s supposed to take 10 days off from bitework.


Kind of sucks, considering how close we are to a trial, but my TD and Helper are out of town again this weekend and I need to drive three hours to pick up a foster dog on Saturday morning, so if it was going to happen, this week is an okay week.

And next week we’ll be getting back to it.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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