Where are We Going and Why Am I in This Handbasket???

So I didn’t recap last week because it all kind of went to hell in a handbasket on Saturday. 

Allow me to explain.

If you’ll remember from the previous Weekly Recap, Brody was to sit out bitework for 10 days while his gums healed up from a minor infection. So we didn’t do much of training. I probably should have gone tracking, but I didn’t. We did do some obedience, but nothing new or interesting. 

On Friday of last week, my Shiba Inu woke up with a lump under her right eye. It was hard and painful and so I made a guess that it was a tooth abscess and got her in to the vet ASAP. Sure enough, I was right, and we booked her for a dental procedure on Wednesday of this past week.

So, that’s two dogs to the vet in just under a week. No big, right?

I made a joke that I didn’t want to see my vets again for a long time. It was funny at the time. 

On Saturday, I was to pick up my new Woof Project Rescue foster, Maple. So I left my house at 3am to pick her up and returned home with her by about 9:30.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is where it all went to hell. 

I let Maple out into my backyard. The ground was frozen and there was a coating of frost on the grass – a bit that will become important in just a second. 

At first, Maple just sniffed around. Then, she got a case of the zoomies. 

“How cute!” I thought as she raced around, celebrating her newfound freedom from animal shelters and canine transports.

Then. She yelped. She stopped running. She was holding her right hind leg close to her body, her tail tucked between her legs. 

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. 

I went over to her as quickly as I possibly could (she’s super shy of people, so I didn’t dare spook her by moving too fast). I prayed to any deity that might be listening to please, please, please, let me be wrong. 

I wasn’t wrong, though. My brand new foster dog, at my house for fewer than 10 minutes, had just ruptured her CCL.


And that was the end of my week, last week. Fortunately for Maple, she belongs to Woof Project Rescue, who do an absolutely amazing job in caring for their charges. She received TPLO surgery on this past Thursday and she will be staying with me until she is healed and healthy and ready for her next adventure. 

For those interested, I’m going to be blogging about Maple’s recovery as it happens. And I’ll be back with the training updates on Brody next week!

We are still tentatively planning on trialing soon, but it’s going to require some things to fall together, so please keep your fingers crossed for us! 

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