OMG an Update

Yeah. I’m the worst blogger ever. I’m coming to accept that fact, as I’m sure the rest of you already have. *sigh* Anyway.

I don’t suppose I could buy your forgiveness with new dog pictures? That is, pictures of my new dog?

Meet Rye. She’s 16 months old and I purchased her just recently from my club’s training director. I’ve known her since she was a puppy and have been in love since I first met her, so when my training director offered to allow me to purchase her, I jumped at the chance.

She is every bit as fun to work as Brody, and has much more talent for tracking. We’ve been having a blast together since I brought her home, though she is currently in heat and driving Brody absolutely coo-coo-banana-crackers. He’s sounded like a leaky tire for about three days now.

I don’t really have an excuse for being absent, besides not having a whole lot to blog about.

Brody is coming along super well. We’ve fixed our side-transport issues and I’d say he’s almost trained at this point. We have all of the pieces for IGP1-3, so now it’s just a matter of proofing out our tracking and getting to some trials.

Oh, and keeping our fingers crossed, of course.

Rye has a solid foundation in the A and C phases, but is basically a blank slate in obedience, which suits me just fine. We’ve been working on engagement, positions, and articles. I think she’ll come along quickly and hope to get a BH on her this year.

My foster dog, Maple, is still here and is recovering well from her TPLO surgery. She’ll hopefully be available for adoption in the next month or so.

And that is the state of the dogs!

As for the State of the Blog – I’m not sure. I’m not going to make any promises that I’m not going to keep (we’ve been down that road a few times already), but I’m not ready to call it quits yet either. I know I need to get some new content up re: the switch from IPO to IGP. And man do I have some “stop pissing people off at club” stories to tell…

So, I will do my best to sit my butt down and blog more often. And, if you’re interested in taking some of the pressure off of me by contributing a guest post, please contact me because I’d love to share more stories from others.

Stay tuned (just not too tuned)!

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