Double Trouble, Except, Not Really

Readers! It’s been a month!

Not a lot has happened.

We got four feet of snow. Yes, you read that right. Four. Feet. In about a two day span.

You read about the dipshit in the news that got stuck in his car for five days? Taco packets guy?

Well, don’t even get me started on the ways in which that guy is a moron, but yeah. That was here.

The dogs have been loving it, but it’s brought things like training to pretty much a grinding halt.

I had briefly entertained thoughts of entering Brody in the AWMA Western Regional being held in California this month, but we haven’t been able to track at all, so that scrapped that idea.

Besides tracking (which is going well, but still needs reps in the lead up to a trial), everything else is…done? Like, Brody has all the pieces. Is proofed and solid in all of the pieces. All of them.

It’s a very strange feeling, honestly.

After all of the hard work and the dedication and the questions about whether we would really be able to put it all together and then one day…it all came together. And there were no more questions. No more doubts.

Obviously, this isn’t to say that we don’t have things to do. We need to keep touching on things, polishing things. We need to keep working on his focus duration in tracking, for sure.

But I no longer have any questions in mind about not being able to complete an exercise. We fixed our send-out issue. We fixed our side-transport issue. We installed a call-out and a back transport without incident. We’ve been tightening up our sloppy right-handed blinds.

You guys. The hard stuff might be finally behind us?

So now we’re trying to navigate the IGP 2019 landscape to pick some trials. I’m hoping to get our IGP1 done sometime in late April/early May, our IGP2 at DVG Regionals in late May, and then our IGP3 sometime this coming Fall.

As long as Brody can keep his brain in his head on new helpers and stay focused during long, boring (to him) tracks, we should be golden.

Which. You know. Maybe?

Oh! And we got Brody’s OFA Hip and Elbow results back – Good/Normal! Always a relief!

Of course, Brody is no longer the only IGP dog in my life.

Which brings us to Rye.

What can I say about Rye.

I always thought Brody was easy. And he really was, for a lot of things, though a lot of people looked at me skeptically when I said that out loud.

And now I know why.

Rye is even easier.

Maybe it’s because she’s already 17 months old, and so I’m not dealing with puppy-brain issues.

Maybe it’s because someone else did the foundations in tracking and protection.

Okay, it’s definitely partially because of that.

Maybe it’s because she has a slightly better nerve-set, particularly in protection.

But y’all, Rye is such a joy to work!

She’s engaged, drivey, but clear headed and thoughtful. Handler focused. Definitely softer than Brody, but that’s hardly a bad thing…

I know, I’m gushing.

But she’s perfect.

Baby dog learning baby heeling foundations

I’m hoping to do her BH sometime this Fall.

Although, I wasn’t kidding about Brody being the easiest animal ever to train to heel. He just offered up those fancy feet at 12 weeks old with no prompting from me.

Rye, not so much. Position is correct, but so far, no fancy feet. So I will actually have to go back and learn how to teach that, because I want those fancy feet, dammit!

And so, the IGP cycle begins anew.

It’s going to be a busy year, though hopefully a successful one! Now if only the snow would melt so we could go track…

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