Dog Days of Summer

So I got a second job to pay for more dog stuff/ fund some training goals I have, and consequently I haven’t had time for dog stuff or to pursue said training goals. *sigh* Being an adult is stupid.

I have been training a bit, though, and I’m feeling good about Brody’s prep for his IGP2 and Rye’s prep for her BH.

We haven’t been tracking as often as we probably should be, but the reps we have been getting in have been good. There’s obviously no rush with Rye, and Brody’s work ethic and intensity on the track has increased ten-fold since we added in a touch of “you must”.

Obedience is going well for both dogs, as well.

Rye still needs to clean up her finishes and her fronts, but her heeling is coming along nicely, as are her in-motions. I haven’t been nearly as intense with her as I was with Brody at her age, but she’s coming along much more quickly all the same.

With Brody I’ve been working on getting him to relax a bit in the stand-in-motion and cleaning up his dumbbell holds. He has all of the pieces, so now it’s just a matter of not allowing them to become sloppy. IGP comes with a whole bunch of moving parts to maintain, it turns out.

I’ve honestly been so tired from working so much that I’ve gotten a bit lazy, as evidenced by the video below in which I can’t be bothered to put on shoes or to work the dogs separately. Don’t mind my just-rolled-out-of-bed get up, either.

We’ll pretend this is proofing and not just laziness on my part

Protection is also coming along.

We’ve started some secondary obedience work with Rye, since up until now I’ve had effectively no control of her on the field. Fortunately, Rye is a lot more clear-headed than Brody, so it’s been coming a lot faster for her.

As for Brody, we’ve mostly been working on his molesty-ness in his guarding, running multiple blinds even with a helper on the field, which Brody is pretty sure is the dumbest thing ever, and the newly-added back-to-side transport transition.

He’s still defaulting to looking at me rather than at the helper in the side transport, but he isn’t up-stressing to the point that he’s becoming unclear and gripping, so I’m not too concerned about fixing it. My training director/helper and I have concluded that it’s probably going to be best to not push the issue too hard and instead to just focus on helping Brody stay relaxed in that portion of the routine. If we get it fixed, great, if not, I’ll just take the point loss.

We’ve also been working on his re-attacks, since he has lately been occasionally getting a really weird and really shitty grip on them. Like nine out of ten re-attacks are beautiful, and then we’ll get a really shitty grip on the tenth. We still aren’t sure what’s happening. It could be stress/nerves, could be presentation, could be that he’s too focused on barking and just not getting on the sleeve quickly enough… Jury is still out, but it’s something we’re trying to get nailed down, since we had a weird grip in our last trial and it could have cost us a lot more than it did.

We ran through the IGP2 routine a couple of weeks ago, and besides a couple of bobbles, I think we’re well within passing.

Brody’s IGP2 run-through

So that’s the state-of-IGP-readiness in the My Malinois Life household.

In pet-life news, I’m once again waffling on what I should be feeding my dogs. I’ve been resisting switching to 100% raw because of worries about cost and my ability to ensure that their meals are actually correctly balanced. I’m thinking I’m about to pull the trigger on purchasing a chest freezer and 100lbs of raw grind, though. We’ll see. Only a really crazy person spends the equivalent of a car payment on dog food every month, right? Right?

Also in the works – a second treadmill and a carpet mill! Because I’ve given up all semblance of having any control over my life, at this point.

Now if only I had infinite free time to drive around to all of the dog-training professionals I want to throw money at in exchange for helping me possibly suck a little less as a handler…

Have I mentioned that being an adult is stupid?

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