Let’s start with some things I am not…

I am NOT a professional dog trainer – I’m just an amateur that is always learning and trying to do the best by my dog. In sharing my experiences through this blog, I’m hoping to help other amateurs or beginners get the most out of their dog training lives.

I am NOT a Malinois expert – Brody is my first Malinois, and the first dog that I have trained to any titles. I am very much a beginner in all of this, and am very lucky to have the support of good professionals.

I do NOT claim to be reinventing the wheel here – any training techniques I share are those I’ve learned from others and I will ALWAYS give credit. Additionally, any opinions that I share are mine, but I will do my best to provide academic sources to explain my reasoning.

At the end of the day, I’m just a girl sharing her life with a Belgian Malinois named Brody, hoping that my experiences can help others on their dog journey!